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Costa Rica has joyfully secured the title of the "Best Place to Retire in 2024," as declared by the esteemed International Living Magazine. This accolade stems from a thorough study encompassing diverse factors such as the cost of living, housing, visa accessibility, climate and medical care. 

So. . Why Costa Rica?
According to International Living, the essence of "Pura Vida" in our country makes it an idyllic haven. With tropical beaches and a perpetually spring-like climate in the Central Valley, Costa Rica boasts being home to one of five of the world's Blue Zones in Nicoya. Beyond its natural splendor, the country shines for its affordability, top-notch healthcare and a standard of living harmoniously intertwined with the surrounding nature.

Bekah Bottone, International Living's correspondent in Costa Rica, expresses her admiration, stating that Ticos are remarkably attentive and helpful individuals. While adapting to life in many Costa Rican areas doesn't necessitate Spanish proficiency, knowing the language opens doors to integrating with the local culture and its warm-hearted people.

The Annual Global Retirement Index, a comprehensive survey drawing from hundreds of opinions and real-life experiences, solidifies Costa Rica's standing as a premier retirement destination. This valuable information is gathered by International Living's trusted sources worldwide.

Excitingly, Costa Rica is set to host the International Living Fast Track Conference next July, further highlighting its appeal as an exceptional retirement haven.

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